Daily Check-in

Long days at work? Concerned about your pets at home while your out for the day? 

Then call us!


With our Check-ins, your pets will benefit by being able to stay at home in their familiar surroundings and in their usual routines. Pets like routine. They need and thrive on predictability. .

Your pet will feel more relaxed and less stressed.


It doesn't matter how many pets, or the type of pet (fur, feathers, scales etc) you have, simply choose how long you would like each visit to be and we can do the rest!  

         What's included in a Daily Check-In service:

  • Company for your pet

  • Playtime at home

  • Poo patrol /clean ups

  •  Feeding and watering your pet

  • A photo of your pet sent to you

  • A meet and greet (an optional introduction)

15 Minutes


30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


  • Please note: As many pets have special dietary requirements, we ask that you provide your pet's food.

  • Prices are for one visit per day. For more than one visit per day, have a look at Gus and Grace's Super Saver. See our discounts page for more details.

Our Fine Print.......

                               ........We think you'll like it!


FREE meet and greets

•FREE key pick up service

•NO weekend surcharges

•NO public holiday surcharges

•NO cancellation fee. However, once your booking  has commenced, no refunds are offered. 

•It is highly recommended that your pet is registered with the appropriate council

•It is highly recommended that your pet is microchipped and that the contact details are current