Pamper Sessions

Our pamper session will not only leave your pooch smelling amazing,

but your pooch will feel great inside and out!


Our pamper session includes a double shampoo and rinse, a towel dry off, flea and tick check and removal, a relaxing all over massage and a facial with a moisturising conditioner and finished off with a light brushing. 


Every part of our pamper session has a great health benefit for your pooch:

  • Double Shampoo and Rinse- We assess your pets skin and use the best product for your pets needs. We do a double shampoo and rinse which means we can get in and get a great clean. Shampoo (washing) your pet removes dirt and skin irritants without the fuss and is recommended to be done regularly. 

  • Towel dry- made into a bit of a game for your pooch. We also wipe out your pets ears. 

  • Flea and Tick check- ensure your pet is safe and free of these nasties.

  • Massages and Facials- are an important part of our pamper session. They promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, reduce aches and pains, improve muscle tone and flexibility and promote healing by increasing blood flow.

  • Conditioner- helps moisturise the skin, relieving itching and dandruff. Also helps give a their coat a healthy shine.

  • Brushing- promotes a healthy coat by stimulating capillaries, distributing natural oils and minimise/reducing shedding.

Good pet hygiene is important for both your pet and the household. Pets should be washed on a regular basis. This assists with healthy skin and coats, keep fleas and mites at bay as well as reduce bacteria and the risk of infection.  

We use high quality products that are made from natural ingredients, are free of parabens and sulphates. They are biodegradable and are cruelty-free. 

Pamper Sessions prices are based on the length of your pups back. This is taken from the base of the neck (which is where their collar sits) to the base of their tail.


Our model Gus is happy to give you a visual guide.

length of back gus.jpeg


*Long Hair: additional $5. 
This is because more shampoo  and time is required.


*Long Hair: additional $5. 
This is because more shampoo  and time is required.


*Long Hair: additional $5. 
This is because more shampoo  and time is required.

Optional Extras

Blow Dry

For a dry and fluffy finish

Small & Medium Dogs
Short: $5
Thick/Long: $10
Large Dogs
Short: $10
Thick/Long: $15

Nail Clipping


Oral Hygiene

For oral maintenance.

We brush teeth, tongues and gums for a fresh, healthy mouth for your pooch


Scaling and removal of built up plaque may require a vet visit

Flea & Tick Rinse


Medicated Shampoo

Malaseb: $5

Ear Cleaning

A grrreat optional extra for that deeper ear clean.

We apply a ear cleaner to your pooch's ears & massage. 

(Our Pamper Session includes wiping out your pooches ears)


Our Fine Print.......                               


Cancellation Fee applies to cancellations within 24hrs of Service booking. Cancellation Fee is 25% of booking, to be paid on day of service. 

•NO weekend surcharges

•NO public holiday surcharges

•It is highly recommended that your pet is registered with the appropriate council

•It is highly recommended that your pet is microchipped and that the contact details are current.